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Books are so handy for learning things that would otherwise cost a fortune.  I find dog books – at least, well written dog books – great for saving money.  I’ve trained many dogs straight from books.  I also learned a lot about dog breeding and genetics from a book. 

Maybe you need a book to help introduce your dog to a new baby, or you want a dog mushing book.  Another book we love for fundraisers is a dog cookbook.  If you are very new to dogs, maybe a book on how to wash a dog or how to train show dogs might be useful to you.  A misconception with many people is that you must go to certain online bookstores to get a deal.  That’s not true.

There are many, many online bookstores that offer a wide variety of books and at fantastic prices.  We’ve done your hard work for you by shopping around and finding the best of the best.  Whatever kind of dog book you’re looking for, you will find it at the stores below.


Save 5-10% on your order every Tuesday at
The best site I've found with a big selection of dog books.  Make sure to buy on Tuesday to save even more money.  And don't forget that this company even donates some of their proceeds to canine rescue groups, a very worth cause!

Dog Books at PETsMART
Petsmart has a huge selection of books, including medical tips and tricks, cookbooks and natural care.  They also ship to Canada!


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