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If you’ve come to our site, you must be looking for information about dog foods.  Maybe it’s the barf diet for dogs, also known and bones and raw food (feeding dogs raw meat and vegetables), how to make the barf diet, what dog food should I feed, how to get Hills dog food at a discount or more information about which are the 10 best dry dog foods. 

These are all valid questions, and we hope we answer them all for you throughout this site.  Again, if you need more information about a specific dog food or a method of feeding that’s not covered, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

More information can be found in our articles, but I can tell you what I feed my dogs.  Nutro Lamb and Rice dog food.  I feed this because I have a Chinese Sharpei (you know – the “wrinkle” dogs) that requires a low-protein food.  And since I free feed my dogs, my Keeshond gets that too.  I did all my research and after talking with several breeders, this is what I came up with.  Your breed of dog might not require specialized food, so you have more choices.  Back to Basics dog food, Innova or Eukanuba dog foods might be more your speed.  And there’s no rule that says if your dog doesn’t like the food that you can’t change it.  Just be sure to do it slowly to prevent bad reactions.

To get great quality dog food at good prices, see our links below to some of the best online stores available – trust us, we’ve done our research!

Treats for Your Dog from
Dog Treats including Merrick Treats, Greenies, Talk to Me Treats, Yip Yap, Sniffers, Alaskan Salmon and more!

Waring Professional Electric Meat Grinder
If you opt to grind you dog raw, meaty bones (or any of their other RAW/BARF food) this is the grinder you'll want. also has many other products for your BARF food prep.  Check 'em out!

Dog Food at PETsMART
Petsmart has a huge selection of brand names like Royal Canin, Eukanuba and Science Diet - and they even ship to Canada!  They also have an email reminder service so you won't forget to get the next bag of food.


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