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We offer information to help you with your dog’s health and welfare, and provide links to the best stores for dog toys, dog clothes, dog food and dog books available online - doing the hard work for you. Because these days it seems when shopping online for dog supplies that it’s impossible to find what you want without spending hours weeding through the many dog sites that offer useless supplies, or simply don’t have what you’re need for your dog.

We’re doing this because we too are owned and loved by dogs, and got frustrated when it seemed the only available options were the big chain stores, with all the typical supplies.  This is fine if they have what you want – but what if you’re looking for something more unique or unusual, like dog charms for collars?  Or something specific that you’ve seen, like dog raised feeders?  And if you know of a great store online that sells unique dog products, discount dog supplies, or just anything dog related, let us know, we’ll see if we can add a link to the appropriate page.

We hope our dog articles are informative and useful to you.  If you are a dog expert and would like to submit an article, or if you have an idea for a topic (about dogs of course!) that you’d like to see covered, contact us, we’ll see what we can do. 

Please browse our dog related article titles below and our links on the right.  Happy surfing!


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